For those who want a straw

we have sourced & sampled Stroodles. High performers, they stay strong and firm for a few hours. Stroodles don't have a distinct taste and don't affect the flavour of your drink. They biodegrade in a day, are edible and vegan friendly.

Fevertree Mixers


 Stocking a variety of mixers we will suggest the one that we feel compliments and showcases our chosen spirits. 

We are delighted to offer Fevertree and love that for every selfie posted Fevertree will donate £5 to Malaria No More UK, a small but powerful charity whose mission is to eradicate malaria for good. 

#malariamustdie #fevertree  



 We are excited that our cocktails will be created around the seasonal produce available from local producers Pepperpots nursery in Alton, Hampshire. 

We are really looking forward to showcasing the best of each season. 

Recycled Glassware


Our aim is to recycle wherever possible so we were excited to source these glasses. Rustic and textured - we luv'em

Biodegradable Cups


This PLA Cold Cup is compostable under BPI and OK to compost. Printed on the side of the cup is the phrase "Made from plants not plastic".  What a revelation :) 

NO plastics


We will only buy drinks in cans and glass bottles and will  recycle as much of our waste as possible.